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The National Brain Appeal

Thirtieth anniversary annual review

The National Brain Appeal is the charity that raises funds for The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery. Their annual review which commemorates its 30th Anniversary used the charity’s existing branding device of profile portrait imagery, and photographed key people involved with the charity and The National Hospital.

What we did

Campaign identity

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To mark the last 30 years

The charity’s existing logo which uses a list of neurological disorders to create a silhouette of a head was adapted so it could be found in the counter of the '0' in the identity of their thirtieth anniversary mark, putting them at the centre of all that they have achieved in the last thirty years.

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A cut above

Different cutout paper icons were hung above the heads key people involved with the charity and The National Hospital, which helped to introduce different sections of the review about the charity’s activities, milestones and future plans.

“We’ve had amazing feedback from the Review. It presents our achievements over the last 30 years in a highly creative way and is also a great marketing tool to promote the charity to new audiences.”

Marcelle Johnson
Head of FundraisingThe National Brain Appeal
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